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Adopt a Star as a Gift

Since 2008, this nonprofit program supports research by an international team of astronomers using NASA space telescopes. Within a few minutes of your payment, you will receive an email with instructions to download your certificate and view your star in Google Sky.

Unlike “name a star” companies, we are:
  ☆  Affordable – buy a star for just $10
  ☆  Instant – receive the certificate by email
  ☆  Online – view your star in Google Sky
  ☆  Nonprofit – support astronomers!

Sample Certificate

Gifts for Any Budget

We have gift options to fit any budget: adopt a double star ($15), a suspected planetary system ($25), a confirmed planetary system ($50), or a bright star visible without a telescope ($100). Search our database to choose a star with a specific number (commemorate a special date), or to select a star from a specific constellation (we have stars in all the zodiac signs).